General Key information for most of the courses

A course is a limit of work in a study normally extending through one semester, the completion of which carries credit towards the fulfillment of the requirements of the particular diploma.

The academic year

In the semester/credit unit system in this program, the academic year is composed of two semesters.


Each course shall be assessed in two parts as follows

  • The school based (progressive/continuous )assessment which shall contribute 15%
  • Examinations shall contribute a maximum of 85% of the total marks. Each examination shall consist of written, OSCE/OSPE and where applicable practical/clinical skills

Grading of marks

The overall marks a candidate obtains in each course he/she offered shall be graded out of maximum of 100 marks and assigned appropriate letter grades and grade points as follows.

Marks Letter grade Grade point
80-100 A 5.0
75-79 B+ 4.5
70-74 B 4.0
65-69 C+ 3.5
60-64 C 3.0
55-59 D+ 2.5
50-54 D 2.0
0-49 F 0