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The Fort portal Red Cross youth link was established under act 6 close four of the constitution of Uganda Red Cross Society. The Red Cross Society was founded by Sir Henry Dunant. Uganda Red Cross is the leading humanitarian organisation in Uganda and was incorporated by an Act of Parliament in 1964 by enactment of Red Cross Act; Cap 57 of the laws of Uganda. We are a member of the international Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement who draws mandates from the Geneva Conventions. It’s based on fundamental principles which are Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, Voluntary service, Unity and Universality.



The Fort portal Red Cross youth link was formed on 12th Nov 2011 and launched on 15th Jan 2012 which observes the objectives of the Uganda Red Cross Society and fundamental principles where Red Cross is an international organisation based on grounds of helping the most vulnerable. In March 2019, the youth link was registered at Kabarole branch and now it is a fully recognised link country wide.
Currently Red Cross has 70 members who are volunteers in the school and more others who are willing to join. In Red Cross, we aim at recruiting young people and youth in order to participate in activities to empower them. Just like any other organisation, Red Cross has got core values namely; equality, respect for gender, responsive, transparency, responsible, democracy to mention but a few.



To fulfil the URCS, mandates and obligation in delivering quality and sustainable humanitarian assistance.




To be a leading humanitarian club in Fort portal College of health sciences in saving lives, supporting livelihoods and promoting human dignity.





  • To make Red Cross youth link Fort portal COHES the best humanitarian club in Uganda.
  • To enhance blood donation attitudes among students.
  • To empower a self-sustaining community and response to the needs of the vulnerable.







  • Organising blood donation services
  • Giving aid to the sick/ vulnerable people
  • Empowering knowledge and life- saving skills e.g. giving First aid
  • Participating in school tournaments/activities e.g. Games, playing short skits, drama about Health.
  • Offering community education and out- reach activities e.g. cleaning towns, health education about HIV/AIDS, and providing youth friendly services.
  • Creating friendship and visiting fellow sister’s Schools and Colleges.






    • We have managed to register our club at the branch and we are now fully recognised link country wide.
    • We have worked together as committees to recruit and register more members as Red Cross volunteers to the club and we are grateful that many are committed.
    • In promotion of life and health, the club has continuously conducted blood donation sessions, general cleaning activities in school and towns.
    • The club with the help of the branch and the school administration actively participated in the Rwenzori regional health training sports tournament from 19th -25th Aug 2018.



    Red Cross members in Fort portal municipality before cleaning session.

    Red Cross members cleaning Fort portal municipality.

    Red Cross members giving first aid during the tournament.

    A word from the chairperson 2019/2020.

    Greetings to everyone in the name our almighty God who has taken good care of us till this day. I am glad to be part of this great organisation, aswe continue to alleviate, mitigate suffering and promote human dignity. Red Cross club has done its best and still doing so by helping within the school and communities around. We are open to everyone and we welcome all the well-wishers to join us… I do have hope that we are moving to greater heights. I would like to thank all my members, the school, and the branch for the cooperation, and tremendous support they have alwaysrendered to us. May God reward youabundantly. “With humanity towards peace”. Joseph Okello